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This is Bubba. He's now in a land of endless cat nip and toy mice.

This.... Ugh... This is Katie. Never ending ball of energy. If she can touch it, she's going to chew on it. Loves socks more than anything! Crazy little life form.... She's playing with Rain, which will be the next picture.

Here's a better picture of just her.. She likes human food....

This is Rain.

This is Kia. Ever seen Lion King? Remember the stupid hyena, Ed? Yeah, that's her. She's afraid of lady bugs....

This is my sisters chihuahua. She has her halloween hat on. Her name is Molly. Rasta Moll!!

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I have a hot sister. looks just like me in a wig. but it isn't me, really, just keep your hands above the belt and you'll never know.
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