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Originally Posted by LanceR View Post
First time, or every time?
Is this part of the break-in period?
No its just a break in thing. Its easy to make springs shorter after I build them. Its not so easy to make them longer again . I leave them a little long just in case they compress and don't return 100% to the length they started in the shop.

Originally Posted by fixedwheelrider View Post
Solid. High quality. No nonsense.

Those would be the three descriptives that I'd attribute to Dukie's DSG. This won't be a full review as I've shot only a couple of hundred rounds through it, which is hardly enough experience and time on the shotgun to give it a fair write-up. But I'll express my first impressions.

The machining is superb. Dukie is a master. The weight is reassuring in its quality. It's balanced beautifully, being easy to handle, despite its solid mass and length. The matte anodizing looks tough, serious and industrial - all-business.

Assembly was pretty easy, especially after viewing Dukie's basic but effective videos from Page 1 of this thread. Listen to Dukie's advice and do NOT use an allen key on the three main screws (bolt and two pump screws).

I prefer a CAR stock so I bought an ATI. The plug fit was similar, but not identical, to the stock grip, so I needed about 9 minutes with a dremel tool to get a good fit (not a big deal). With the CAR stock, the DSG shoulders nicely and I can brace the pump action very well. The angle of the CAR stock goes up by a degree or so, but I also have an ATI spacer (about $10) that I might try that angles it down. However, there's no issues with sighting down the barrel anyway, while using my DYE i4 mask, so I may not bother with adjust the angle.

I used a CCM barrel from my S6. It's a temporary barrel for now as its beautiful finish looks out of place with the serious matte finish of the DSG. But the function is there - CCM's barrel sizers easily prevents ball roll out.

As with most quality-made closed bolt markers (which obviously a pump is), accuracy is excellent. The pump action is solid but not stiff. The trigger pull is predictable & smooth, without any binding.

I used it on a quiet weekday night at a local indoor field, so there hasn't been any input from other players, but no doubt, there will be a lot of attention on the DSG when I go to my next open game.

I'll leave it there for now, as I need more time to warrant further comments. At this stage, I can say that the DSG is one amazing, high quality, unique marker.
It seems odd that the car stock tolerances are different. I have tried 3 different ATI products and they all locked in just like the stock grip. Plus 45 grips installed now as well and all the same. It should be tight enough that you deffinately can't push it it. It pulls in with the bolt. It will basically stay in place without the bolt, but I would't play that way.

Glad you are liking it. Be prepared to not get a whole lot of playing time when you show it off. You will spend half the night talking about it and trying to rescue it from admirers

If CCM barrels had come in 14" they might have come with those after the SP grief.
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