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Originally Posted by Phantom Power View Post
Even if you switch to HPA, you'll get shootdown with those microlines on there. Automag valves recharge fast. Even the original A.I.R valves, though they're not as fast as X-valves, will recharge fast enough to make that microline a bottleneck.

It's quite possible to run an Automag on CO2. Anti-siphon bottles are the key.

Micro line isnt all that bad. For a mech gun it will work just fine. We used Microline for many years on our mech guns, and even on some early electros, it works better than people think. You gotta realize, a larger line, cannot move the air as fast as the smaller line. So as long as your feeding a secondary reg or expansion chamber, micro-line can work just as well as, if not better than Macro. Bigger is not always better.................

That Expansion chamber that is on your gun, is one of the best there is. Once set-up properly it can work as well as HPA, in 55+ degree weather. Anti-siphon a Co2 tank to match the asa, and use that expansion chamber.
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