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Reducing blowback? Field rental barrel removal?

I recently used my field rental 68automag for the first time. It has a standard right feed, foamieless bolt, and a problem. It chopped all the time. Now I haven't used a semi-auto for about 4 years before this (save for maybe, maybe, 120 shots dryfiring various markers), so I was a little rusty with the single trigger, yet I think I may have been outshooting my loader (gravity). The feedneck has a hole in it, I assume to prevent blowback issues, are there any other ways to reduce it? Can I go tippmann style and drill a couple holes in the body somewhere? Do I just need to shoot slower (I got REALLY lazy with the semi-auto ).

It's normally not a problem, but I can't remove this barrel without removing the front frame screw, and prefer pull-through squeegees. Do you know what part I should replace to make my barrel removable?

The paint had been sitting for awhile, in a mildly humid enviroment, so if anything, it should be less brittle
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