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Name: John Donahue

Location: Meredith, NH

Home Field: Owen's Farm (Holderness) is closest but I get to OSG and AG as well.

Guns: VA Kingman Hammer, Phantom, Side tube PGP.

When I Play: Seems to be about 4 or 5 times a year now. (I get busy with work in the summer) OSG HALO game, 1or 2 times at AG (private games usually) and a few sundays at Owen's Farm(BYOP).

Game Types: Whatever, I prefer rec and woodsball, But whatever the ref says we're playing. My favorite game is when we play submission (usually the last game we play at AG during the private game) I play with a pump against all semis, I never quit and I usually clean house. I think everyone gets a kick out of it and thats the only reason I get invited back each year.

How/ Where I play: I play pump only. It seems like a few folks here, I tend to play aggressively off the break and get hit frequently. I guess you could say "ADD style", I get bored very easily and usually try an impossible move to get things going and get hit. I tend to move more than shoot and yell alot. Did I mention I get hit alot? I take huge risks all day and if one time it works out I'm happy. My kids get a kick out of how I play, probably because I get hit ALOT.
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