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May 1-2 '10, Paintball Grand Tour - Venice Italy

A very beautiful location for the event, a great profesional oportunity if you have a team to enter, but also a great oportunity for some great fun and site viewing in one of the most fascinating cities in the world! Even if you don participate there will be lots of cool people having fun, parties, women, guys and a nice culture mix due to the fact that there will be many people from many different countries! So, take a trip, or a walk to the event, cause it's going to be one of the coolest this year!

Registered Teams:

Division PRO:
Bullets Hungary- Hungary
Kosmos- Russia
Ranger Warsaw- Poland
RL - Art Chaos Moscow- Russia
Warsaw United- Poland

Division Masters:
Consilium Dei Zurich- Switzerland
Empire- Italy
Pautina- Russia
Vienna United-Austria
ZZ TOP- Ukraine

Division Amateurs:
Consilium Dei Zurich II- Switzerland
Paradise Connection- Austria

Division 3-X:
Basefield One- Austria

More info at: European Paintball Championship - the GRAND TOUR

Check out: Empire | Facebook

Check out: Paintball-Italy|Il sito di riferimento del Paintball in Italia

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