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On the 22'nd of FEB i bought a stock ion bolt to have him send to a customer of mine who needed one. $8 i payed by M.O on the 23rd of FEB he got it claims he shipped. Its now the 28th of March he has not been on no contact the guy i had him send it to never got it and goober wont respond at all. Ino its only $8 but its still a deal that was not carried out i am annoyed now i have to pay anohter 8-10 for a bolt and wait another week for it to get were it needs to go I do take into account that maybe he is sick or something of that nature (more than just the sniffles) but still its been over 2 weeks since i last heard from him all he said was okay when i gave him the address didnt even confirm if it was shipped.
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Are you allowed to use a warp on an SP-1... won't they revoke your man card...

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