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Paintball Fields per capita?

I'm wondering how many fields should/could Ottawa support.
I don't care what fields you play or don't.
I'm more interested in we have X amount of Players/New players per year, this equates many fields should actually be in business.
I've played a few fields around, I don't agree that all should be in business.
More "quality" then quantity kind of thing.
I've seen unfixed drainage problems. Not a one time thing but every year.
And I don't mean hey there's some puddles. But vast 50plus foot pools that disable movement and control the flow of the game.
Inadequate bunker(s) structurally unsound, nails sticking out. That sort of thing.

I'm not dissing owners/staff. I have/did have 2 Fields that I frequented.
But think that since its a service style industry I expect a certain amount of care. You'd never go to a ball diamond and expect debris on the field or water traps. Am I asking to much? Or is this an unspoken feeling that is lurking in the mids of others?
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