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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
Iam not sure how many fields we have in Ottawa

JTs Frontline

any more?

Hoppers (Almonte)
Carnage (embrun)

EDIT: I feel the same way Gorr, even about our field. We have busted our butts, however the task is huge and we have so little volunteer force it is brutal... just when we made all this progress (Two new fields, giant army base) it is all undone. We still have bunkers on our other fields that need fixing up, holes patched, need to be made taller, need more bunkers added, downfall that came down this winter, holes in the ground to fill with mulch to prevent pooling of water etc....

I want OXP to be like a golf course: well manicured and enjoyable. We even spent 6 SIX weekends RAKING the fields before we originally opened...

I am hoping that between MCB and OXP we can get enough people out, to really clean her up, construct a new village and have a good time.

Ottawa has too many fields, and too much animosity between them... it is almost enough to drive a guy to quit playing.

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