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I had a DAC barrel that looked *exactly* like that for a 'mag, but it had porting.

DAC imported for a few people. Bob Long I know, and I've heard NPS or NW or someone rebranded them, as well as a couple smaller companies.

The point is, my hearsay is most DAC barrels found stateside were actually imported and rebranded. Sort of a store brand. So even if it *is* an AKA barrel, for example, it's quite likely that they simply bought them wholesale, engraved a different name if they felt like it, and said they made it.

Considering I've seen a few barrels that shape, and every one of them has a different porting pattern, my thoughts are that DAC shipped them across the pond unported, and the selling companies (or contracted machine shops) added the porting to differentiate them from everyone else's sextoy barrel.
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