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Automag pump rod length.

I made up a "hanger" pump rod last night just to experiment with rod lengths. First one I made was about 5mm longer then the original one I had. It was ok but not the huge improvement I was looking for. Next one was a full 1cm longer and that was the ticket. Nice short tap on the front and it's setting the bolt just fine with no rubbing what so ever. Just to be sure I made another one that was 1.5cm longer and that one didn't work at all. Now I just need to find a better material to make it out of. I have to think that the clothes hanger rod is flexing a little compared to the stock one. So I'll run by the local parts store and see if the 1/8 inch steel rod will work for me. I think with a bit of filing it will be fine.

My question to all you pump maggers out there is what is the length of your pump rod? Of course I didn't get mine measured but I will to night and edit this post.

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