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Originally Posted by armyranger51 View Post
Do you mean the 4 back bolts? What "bits"?
Yes those 4 back bolts.
When I first took the gun apart, and reassembled, it would not fire at all. Everything seemed fine, except the barrel was very hard to remove/install.

I must have took it apart another 8 times before I pinpointed the problem. The block was slightly crooked causing the bolt to bind.

This is a very easy thing to diagnose- Is the barrel hard to remove? If so, loosen the rear block screws until the barrel is loose, then try to fire. If that was the problem, should fire fine now.

As far as the "bits", I do not know the trigger system very well.

But a few times during reassembly, I'd knock a spring, or something else into the wrong place.

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