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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
I wish they would get back to me with a reply I've been trying to carry some of their paint. Are they terrible at replying to emails over there?

Good review, I like the shell too.
The field owner has never had any problems and neither has the army surplus store (where I got it). It might be marked as spam on their end or something for your email.

Originally Posted by FiXeL View Post
Looks exactly like toroball to me... Same shell that is kinda hard sometimes, but it has the same pattern on them. Bright fill and resonably priced.

It has the same packaging except for the printing on the case, 4 cartons that hold 4 bags with those anti-moisture bags, is very round and shoots well... My guess it is Toroball paint. Does it say anywhere on the box made in korea? Because that's on the boxes of toro we have around here.
I don't think it had any "made in" marks anywhere. Might have been under the price sticker though. I think APX sources to Korea and their Fyre line of paint looks like this stuff too.
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