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HyePower's Mini-sale (air accessories, etc.)

I have a lot of items I don't use anymore, here's some stuff that I need to get rid of. Prices don't include shipping.

Top row from left to right:

Brand new ANS Phase II expansion chamber - $20
Brand new Empire regulator - SOLD
20 oz CO2 tank buttstock - $3
3.5/7/10 oz buttstock (also works on 13ci/3K tanks) - $3

Middle row left to right:

TASO ASA plug (completely seals ASA, has tank threads. Knurling is marred up a bit because it was damaged during shipping, iiSports sent it in an envelope and USPS damaged it, it works fine just is cosmetically blemished.) -$2
Line SI Bushmaster ASA/Valve - $10
Tippmann ProShop ASA w/ built in LPR (great condition, used once.) - SOLD

Bottom row from left to right:

Stainless steel regulator (no name, looks like an Air America reg, very nice, very heavy) - $15
ASA to remote/QD adapter - SOLD
90* macroline fitting - $3
Straight macroline fitting - $2
Nickle plated 90* fitting - $3

PMI Pure Energy 72/3000 tank (Works but pin valve gets stuck when unscrewing from ASA sometimes. Still in hydro, won't need to be hydro'd until 03/11. Comes with thread protector.) - $30
Nasty Boys ~150 rd. hopper - $4
Viewloader VL90 hopper (little latch on lid snapped) - SOLD
Viewloader VL200 hopper - SOLD
Rase 48ci tank cover (good condition) - $6
Brand new Pursuit Pods 115 round pods (separate compartments inside, each compartment holds 15 rounds) - SOLD
7 oz. tanks - $8 each.
20 oz. tank - $10

VForce Armor mask (Lens is pretty scratched up, foam is in pretty good shape. New VForce strap with non-slip gel backing. Good as a loaner mask.) - $10

Paypal only please!



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