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well it is also because the semi-recession (sp) in the market towards tourney ball, more players want to play and have fun not compete every weekend. i think paintball will probably turn into a sport like football/ american soccer (hmm there are more americans here arent there, meh o well) where yes its a huge sport but many many more people just get togeather and paly it for fun than try to compete.

im not sure that the new gun scene is dieing but the whole new "50 cps " guns are worthless (ok so your gun can cycle 50 times in a second but you can only shoot 15 at most tourneis and the fastest hopper is 35 on a good day). alot of companies at probably going to be going for low cost markers to compete with the ions and stuff while trying to keep quality, efficenty, and size as best as they can.

probably everythign wil be slow and boring for a year or so but i think by next year companies will realize the problems and shoot towards the rec/scenario/ woods players a whole lot more (they started last year some what but not exactly in teh ways needed IMHO)

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