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Tuning my mag... its making me old, its my private shame...

My setup
Classic valve
LVL10 bolt
Im thinking about installing a ULE trigger, if i can figure out the LVL10

My dilemma, my shame...
I like working on my own markers, ive never let anyone else service my markers. But the plethora of info/opinions/posts on how to setup my LVL10, and all the keywords used in the mag world "trim the pin" shim this, shim that..
What? Im at a loss, I have to get this thing ready before D-day and I need it to be %100. If I cant get my mag going I can use my shim-less dependable ICD thundercat.

Heck I can tune a cocker! this fricken mag is ticking me off.... O-rings this-shimming that..
I need to be eju-mi-cheated on how to set this thing up, im worn out- I need a K.I.S.S. link.

A recap of my shame.
1. The dark art of setting up my LVL10
2. Shimming, why?
3. Trimming the on/off pin, why?
4. Spacers for the rail or what ever, why?
5. Adjusting the trigger rod in/out, what does it do?

"When monkeys at the zoo run out of poop, they fling ICD guns."
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