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Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
A recap of my shame.
1. The dark art of setting up my LVL10
2. Shimming, why?
3. Trimming the on/off pin, why?
4. Spacers for the rail or what ever, why?
5. Adjusting the trigger rod in/out, what does it do?
Before we begin. Install your classic on/off back in your valve to tune the lvl 10. We'll get back to the other on/off later.

1.Install your lvl 10 per the diagram....

...with the 2.0 carrier and NO shims.

Air up your marker and fire a few shots. If your not leaking out the front, go up a carrier (2.5). Rinse and repeat till it starts leaking the go back one. Your lvl 10 is now tuned. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME PT ORING (#9 white oring, goes inside the carrier) WHEN GOING UP OR DOWN CARRIERS...VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

2. Your shims are only used if your bolt isn't resetting right after you trip your newly installed lvl 10. Go ahead and stick something down the feedtube or the front of the marker and trip it. If it doesn't reset (leaks) add a shim and trip the lvl 10 again. Rinse and repeat till your bolt is resetting properly. As for your bolt spring. Doesn't mater too much which one you have installed (gold, red or gray). One thing to remember, the longer it is, the easier it's going to be on the paint. I found that the red spring is the all around spring to use. The gray one isn't meant so much to be used as is. It's for those that want to tinker with their lvl 10 sensitivity. Don't worry about it till you get a better understanding of the setup.

3. Shaving the pin is mainly done for RT effect. The shorter your pin the better RT effect you get in a RT Valve. In a classic, since the on/off isn't designed for that valve, you might have to adj for it if it's not working properly. One of the biggest issues with a RT on/off in a classic is you'll have tension in the trigger but it won't fire. Like BE said, you have to tinker with that yourself.

4. I have no clue what your talking about there bro. Sorry.

5. You should have a gap about the thickness of a credit card between the sear arm and the trigger once the marker is aired up. Adj accordingly if you don't have that.

If you have any other questions let us know.

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