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Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
Hey Spider,

Do you have any pictures of your setup? I'd love to see it so I can get an idea of what I'm working with as far as size of the operation, etc. Detailed photos as well would be greatly appreciated.

I've been looking alot at Caswell's kits and guides as well as Newmans kits and guides. I've gotta start crunching numbers, but It seems like I could save quite a bit going with Newmans kit and picking everything else needed on my own other than dishing out 3x more for the Caswell kit.

Ugh. ok. It's in the garage, so be prepared. I ran out of coconuts and vines so there's a variety of parts. Not much has changed since I started with the "polish your poo" build-off last year and had less than $55 to work with.
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