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Hacked Sony Limited Edition PSP Slim

Hello for sale is a limited edition blue sony PSP. My friend bought it but got bored of it and i purchased it form him. I replaced the regular battery with the larger PSP "fat" battery, because of this the battery door is not on the system and will not be included with the PSP. This does however allow the PSP to play for almost twice the time the normal battery allows. The battery doesnt not come/fall out unless you pull it out. As stated in the title i have hacked this PSP to allow you to play any downloaded games, movies, etc. Everything on the PSP works but becuase of it being hacked you can not play games online. The internet browser works fine and can surf the internet but games cannot be played. The system will come with a 2GB memory card and i will set it up with any games you would like prior to shipping if you wish for me to do so (within the limits of the space on the memory card). I can include a DVD with any games i currently have. If you would like you can update the software to the current Sony software which will override the "hacked" software and the PSP will be 100% functional and normal. There is normal wear on the PSP with some minor sratches due to normal use. The screen is in very good condition with one scratch maybe 1/8th of an inch, it is small and does not affect play at all. If you have any questions or would like more pics please just ask!
Looking for $90 OBO
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