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I have to say that In all honesty we really don't need another ho-hum field in the capital region.
Now I can't say you are ho-hum yet. But you have some cool ideas and a couple of trucks. Do you have on site showers? Toilets? and I don't mean porta potties.
If I played and wanted to camp out I'd bring my own tent. It has a floor it keeps the bugs out.
Thing is it will take you at least this year to build up your field to a decent usable standard.
We are already inundated with to many fields that do not co-operate each other. Players get an affiliation or attachment to their chosen field and then disregard others.
Ottawa should only really have 3-4 fields, Fields that are really good. We have like what 10 now? If I was opening a field. Lets say 100 acres. I'd have 4 fields built before I opened. that doesn't include a speed ball field that is flat manicured grass. The bunkers don't have to go up unless requested or there is interest. All the actual structures should be free of pointy objects and stable. I shouldn't be able to push it over. if there is water is it properly drained?
Good luck on your endeavour, if you are a paintball field only be a field. If you can't run a field and make a living doing it, don't open a field or at least join forces with a field already in business or buy them out.
Nobody's going to get rich quick running a field.
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