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Thank you for writing that up Gorr. The thing is, I understade what must be done and what we need to take into acount but I dont think my boss quite does. I've be playing the game for about 5 years now, but my boss hasen't fired or even held a marker. So you can see what problem we may run into.

Now, my boss (Jamie) seems to think we could have a "kick off" game this coming June just using our back woods so we could get alittle extra money to work with. I'm of the fence about this. On one side, I see it sorta working. People come out, see what we have to work with, have some games in back. But on the other hand, we really dont have much to offer right now other then the woods. Would people pay for this? I dont know.

But let it known that we have the time and will power to get something like this done. I just have to sit down with him for a good talk.

Thanks guys.

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