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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Yeah...I don't understand why people are so secretive about what they pay for custom guns. I mean, the only reason I got in line for a noxx lever is because everyone decided that KL pricing had to be confidential.
I think part of it is that it's really up to the maker of said marker to discuss what they will charge for their work. Yeah one guy might get a brass pump for say $400, everyone will want that at that price now...Now said maker has to keep charging that as it's expected. When it's his work, he can really charge what he wants, it's custom and unique. It's a side job for some jobs might take a crap ton longer then others...cost of materials could events happen as we have seen here... maybe now said creator is hard on cash so they want more per build....just my two cents...whether it's even close to right or not... :shrug:

edit: i guess i's custom really can't say this should cost so mine i want should be x amount when it's custom...they can cost a variety of amounts....Like you can't just price the next one off off of the last...they are each unique

edit dos: on topic: Stuffy you do excellent work. That looks amazing. XD DO WANT!
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