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Today Team Blackrain took a little time off from playing. Since it was Mothers Day,I figured the fields would be empty. Yea Right. I decided I wanted to go to see a few museums.
I'm not going to post all the pictures,cause I took well over 300.
So over a $100 later which included admissions,having to buy a new SD disk,cause a dumba$$ team member forgot it. New batteries,cause the old ones decided to died, I was all set for a tour of Baboa Park Museums.
If your ever in San Diego and get the chance,please visit these places. Lots of history here.

First Stop was the San Diego Areospace museum:

Oh look ALIENS


Follow the foot prints:

The main area:

Let's move on:

Into the court yard:

So after that tour I decided to see the Auto Museum.

I was very impressed with this car. I saw a show about this when I was a young boy and always wanted to see it. I was actually thinking of this car the other day.


A few other displays:

The Veterans museum:

This was a special place for me:

Let's go inside:

End of tour.

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