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Originally Posted by tony montana 2 View Post
I'll take one. How hard is it to install the release i haven't even looked at it yet?
Not terribly difficult. Disassemble the marker to get the grip, use needle nose pliers(or tiny hex wrench like I do) to lift the leaf spring and push out the old mag release. To install the Flipped Release, Put the release in through the left side, lift leaf spring, continue pushing release through. Once all the way through, put leaf spring in the slot on the left side of the mag groove.

Originally Posted by tiny_the_tokin_bear View Post
Could you make me one left side and one right side? If not I suppose I'll just take one but the other T8 will feel left out...and it'll drag on your conscience. We wouldn't' want that now would we?
Of coarse I could make a left side and right side, I might charge a dollar more for the left because I would have to do that manually rather than a program that I set up. But it would look and function just as well as the other.

The Flipped magazine releases will be finished Next week either Monday or Tuesday and can ship on Wednesday.

Here is a video of it working:

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