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Okay I have had this one in my head since I started thinking about chainmail and it is finally finished!

I am pleased to announce the Scalemail Tank Cover

Aluminum scales come in:

Silvery Gold (think lighter champagne color)

(Black and silvery gold pictured, to go on my silver and black acid wash phantom)

Also different materials
Stainless Steal
Gavalnized Steel
Mild Steel
Gold Plate

These covers are a bit bulkier then the standard chainmail covers but they are 90% metal (I only use rubber rings to cinch the cover down at the bottom). The covers slide on and off just like my chainmail covers. The scales sit tight to the tank and don't make noise.

The scalemail covers will be (for Al):
3.5 oz $50
7 oz $100
13/3K $75
All other tank sizes will be quoted

2nd color is free (as long as its a simple or random pattern, anything else I will quote)

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a PM.

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