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Barona Paintball Park

It was another exciting day. I went out there yesterday (15 May 2010) to tune a gun and played today (16 may 2010). It was different. When I first arrived,I saw alot of milsimers,well it turned out they were all airsoft players.

Well that was something I've never seen on a paintball field. Dartmoo will be happy to know I passed out a few of his cards to these guys. Hopefully they will contact him for some custom gear.

Well it was a nice day,Sunny,Hot,dry and Sandy. It was great. It was a nice area to play. Moto Cross races were going on in the back ground.

I did like the fields. The airball field need a little work,but that's really about it.

I did play the Castle twice,didn't do well my first game,but second I cleaned house from inside the Castle. Even got outside the castle to make a player surrender. I'm getting good at doing that

I'd have to say that the concrete field was my favorite. Why I don't know,maybe because I could sneak around it. I did well during both games.

Western Town I had my A$$ handed to me twice. Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad.

So here's a few area shots and field shots.

This is what most amazed me. These tourney players took time out to help the young kids learn the game of speedball. They were teaching them how to move duck,take cover. Doing 1 against 3 drills with them. I was really amazed seeing this.

Their excuse was:

"They are the future of this sport,other teams might not care,but we do. If we don't help them learn the game,then we loose another player"

I liked hearing that. It's the way all of us should think about new players in our sport.

I'll do a full review on all the fields once I get home.
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