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Shocker, Phantom, Prolite, FusionX, MOLLE and Classic mag valve

Ok guys, organized my gear today, and there is some I'm willing to part with... Mostly looking for cash, open to some trades.

Trades I'm interested in: RT Pro style Automags w/ X-valve (can add), or offer!

Items for sale:
SFT shocker (blue), ~2005, 14" AA with freak tip, Q-lock feedneck, bolt guide (new style, removable by hand), TechT Enertia bolt, brand new upper board (I mangled the old one), Blackheart lower board. Otherwise, pretty stock. Good condition for an SFT. Asking $260 shipped.
Video here: Pending

Stock Class Phantom. Basic configuration will come with the backbottle 12g changer and T stock. Bottomline configuration $10 extra. Tank not included (look below). 11" CCI barrel. Some components (barrel body, frame) were red and blue, have been rattlecanned black. Works great! Gone

22/3k tank, Veritas brand reg, was orange for LEO use, rattlecanned black. Works great!Gone

3.5 oz tank, rattlecanned black, $20 shipped

Automag classic valve, lvl 7 long nose bolt, good condition. Asking $50 shipped

FusionX Jersey and Pants ACU pattern, great condition. Worn and washed once. Size Small, but it'll fit a 34 waist and is plenty long for me (I'm 6'2). Jersey $30, Pants $70 or the set for $85 shipped

Prolite, with titanium hammer, good condition. Has trouble recocking occasionally. Comes with 3x rebuild kit. Great backup/loaner! Asking $40 shipped

12" J&J Ceramic, A5 threaded, great condition, $20 shipped.

Maurader 2 Jersey, ACU, size S, $15 shipped

ACU Headwrap, goggle covers, $10 shipped each

Scurry pack Hydration pack with MOLLE base. Brand new! Will include 2x Omnipat pod holders and an Omnipat tank holder for a super light running setup. Hydration bladder not included Gone

Other items
Will not ship separately. Make a package of $30 or more, and they're yours for a good price ($5 ea)

SpecOps Digi Double Grenade Pouch (MOLLE) Gone
SpecOps Digi Tactical Belt
SpecOps Digi Radio Pouch Gone
Red CCI 10rd feed
21" AC thread barrel
Stock Prolite hammer
BT4 Spring kit

All prices include domestic shipping via USPS Priority. I guarantee shipping within a week of purchase, and will do my best to get it out sooner than that (full time student working 30hrs/wk).

the PBN clause
If you're buying, you pay and I'll ship (if I know you, we've dealt successfully in the past, that's more flexible). Trades can be negotiated, but as a member of industry, highly respected player with a lot of feedback.. chances are you'll ship first or at the same time. Be respectful to me, and you'll earn the same. I reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone. Generally, first person with funds transferred will get the item, but I'll keep you appraised if someone else shows interest.

And if you've made it all the way down here and are still reading: Northern CO residents, SPPL/UWL players who I've played against, friends of BLC, MCB members, and SOPC members can take the greater of $5 or 5% off any price. Just mention your affiliation when you PM.

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft
There is no way you could safely control 4 seperate guns remotely. Some players (ie Lasoya) can not control a single gun, while holding it, safely.

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