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My Reloader B2 into Warpless Warpfeed

My latest gun project came about when I got fed up with trying to use my old warpfeed on my gun. My fastback cocker is already heavy due to all of the stainless stuff I have on it and then adding the warpfeed made it heavier. I wouldn't have cared but the poor performance (sporadic shot detection even on the most sensitive setting) I was getting from it on this setup wasn't worth having the extra weight and batteries so I wanted to figure out something else.

In the past I had seen that paintballs could get shot out of a Reloader pretty far so I decided to use it to make it into it's own ReloaderBfeed. The one that I have is actually a Reloader B2 so I don't know if it would work with a regular ReloaderB because I don't know if you can change the settings like on this one. I figured my Halo wouldn't work because of the eyes in it and I'm using an E1 so I don't have any RF capabilities. So I used the B2 because of the sound activation and that you can turn off the tension detection of the drive cone which would let it push the balls through the hose.

Here are some pictures below documenting the build. I will still need to go back and clean up the layout if I get some new parts but I just did it with the stuff I had on hand that afternoon.

I used this 90 degree elbow which I cut down to that ridged part along with a 45 degree elbow to angle the flow in the right direction.

I have the Eblade set to factory fast right now and it's been shooting great. If you have any questions let me know but I just wanted to share this with you guys because I wasn't sure if it's been done like this before.
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