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Storyline is up:


Written By:

Charles “Damian” Allen
Copyright 2003 - 2010 TAW SCENARIOS – All Rights Reserved

The Cold War ended just over a decade ago, yet a new Cold Front is making its way across the vast former Soviet Frontier. The chilling dawn will bring with it chaos which will erupt and fracture the already fragile peace that holds the Eastern European borders by a fraying thread.

Umar Bsayev, the newly appointed President of the United Slavic Territories has been trying to create a new democratic regime, however, there is a formidable element within his broken country that is trying to stop him… the self-proclaimed Czar of the Stalin Reformation Sect, Vladamir Levchenko. Levchenko, an extremist to say the least is a man who wants the world to once again fear the Eastern Bear.

Just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country tore itself apart and fell into economic disarray as well as from the revered position of world super power. With the organizational fall of this nation, factions throughout the country started splintering off and civil unrest unleashed itself creating havoc within its borders. Eventually, the unrest subsided and provinces were formed under the banner of the United Slavic Territories which was meant to hold on to what was left of Soviet glory.

During the past few years, the U.S.T. had seen its share of leaders come and go and now with the new U.S.T. President Umar Bsayev, the regime is progressing where others have failed. With the United Nations in uncommitted support of the progress of the new administration, the radical Levchenko has publicly demanded the resignation of President Bsayev and declares “The flames of war will engulf those that stand in the way of the Stalin Reformation Sect”.

“President Bsayev…the reports have been confirmed! That mad man, Levchenko is officially calling for your resignation!” said the U.S.T. Security Counselor, Pyotr Grovlev.

“Our intelligence report that his troops are massing in the western territories. He also has reformed the KGB and reinstated many former officers as well as recruited new agents!” Grovlev added.

“Make no mistake Pyotr, Levchenko is not mad. He may be delusional, but he is not mad.” Bsayev said with a troubled look. “Call in Commandant Chaikov… we must speak.”

“Sir! Are you sure that will be a necessary action? Should we not use diplomacy? What about the United Nations?” Piotr said almost stumbling on his own words.

Pausing, Bsayev calculated his thoughts before turning to face Grovlev. “Piotr, if we go to the U.N. on this matter, we will look weak and what we have strived for so long and have accomplished will be looked at as a joke. How will it be viewed if we cannot police our own matters. We must stop Levchenko, yes… with diplomacy if possible. However, if diplomacy fails, then we must have a contingency plan.” Bsayev said with a cold yet oddly comforting tone.

“Yes, President Bsayev.” Piotr said with a complying gesture as he then turned to leave the Presidential Chambers.

As President Bsayev stood looking out of his chamber window, he looked down at a mahogany and glass case which stood just to the side of the window. Within this display lay a thick and aging book. It was a very rare compilation of Shakespeare’s works and was open to one of the English literature master’s greatest plays… HENRY V, one of Bsayev’s favorite. He then turned to his attentions back to the city lights that glimmered across the sleeping city and whispered a quote from that play, “Now are we well resolv'd; and, by God's help and yours, the noble sinews of our power, Russia (Omitting France purposely) being ours, we'll bend it to our awe, Or break it all to pieces.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the country, an AP newsman stood in horror as he and his shaking cameraman witnessed the execution of a former local leader who would not comply with Levchenko’s offer to join the Stalin Reformation Sect. “As you see, I will not tolerate insolence or weakness.” Levchenko said with a cold yet calculated attitude.

“Our cause is just! There was a time when the world feared us… that time will soon be again!” Levchenko said with a firmer tone and smoking pistol waiving in the air which brought a deafening cheer from his almost fanatical followers.

“It is time for the world to wake up and take notice that we are once again a Super Power!” Again, cheers erupted after Levchenko spoke while the AP newsmen filmed the pulsing troops and lifeless body that lay just a few meters from where they stood. “That time is now!” A final boast was added by Levchenko.

As Levchenko stepped away from the two terrified men, they now found themselves being enveloped by the massing force. Levchenko stopped one of his ranking officers and whispered, “Convey them with safe conduct.”

He then looked back a final time at the two men and said, “Fare you well.”

As the next few months went by, both sides began to posture. As diplomacy seemed to be a fleeing jest, it seemed that an Eastern European Conflict would be unavoidable.

The world stood still as if a single whisper would cause a catastrophic repercussion. Yet, not all stood in motionless silence… the wheels of diplomatic and military dispensation are now in route… all with the hopes of bringing this situation to a quick end.

Two rival factions and two very different leaders vying for control of Eastern Europe with the balance of power swaying on broken scales.

OPERATION: JUST HAVOC pits the United Slavic Territories against the Stalin Reformation Sect and key role players in this game of power and control as they go head to head in the ultimate chess match of covert-ops, counter-terrorism and all out warfare…AirSoft Style!. However, in this game, nothing is what it seems.

In an already fragile state, the Eastern Bear begins to rise from its short hibernation in this struggle for Eastern Block control as a broken nation begins to feed on itself and begins to once again bring the world’s worried attention.

Will the U.S.T. led by President Bsayev bring a quick end to the ever growing S.R.S. onslaught and bring it’s leader Levchenko to justice or worse, the gallows? Or, will Levchenko and the S.R.S. sweep across the Russian Frontier leaving destruction and utter chaos in its wake?

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