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Day at Velocity

6 June 2010:

Yesterday's events were fun. The Wife was in full pit Crew form. Even ran into Hammy of SoCal. He was having gun trouble. I guess certain paint colors still mess with EYEs.

Velocity was a nice field. I didn't get to play all of them. However they are like all the fields I have played at here in Cali. They play two games on each field and then take a small break before the next two games. Gives enough time to reload and reair. I really like the two game idea and doing a quick switch after each game.

It was desert with woods and large rocks for natural cover. Lots of spools and tall grass. Hills were all in place. So some shots looked easy untill you got to the point you wanted to shoot from,only to find out it wasn't the place to shoot from .

So shooting and moving was what you had to do on a few fields. I did get lucky in my second game. I was able to weaken a side by eliminating a few players in key positions. After being shot,it still gave the rest of the team enough room to manuver and take out the rest of players remaining.

So I had an exciting game or two. I just couldn't stand sitting around behind a bunker.

I would reccommend this field and all the others I have played at on my little tour. It offers something different like all the other fields in the area do. I'd say this is a more NATURAL TERRAIN field.

I didn't play speedball,let's face it I don't have my Cocker with me.

I only played about 8 games and then took off. It was my Wife's last night,so she had to get her BINGO freak on at the Casino. It's been an exciting tour for me. Just one local field left for me to hit and that's Mirmar next weekend. Have to service my MG7. Over 10,000 rounds and not one break,but have a little leak on the inside. Minor detail.

I actually now have a few pics of me in gear. Thanks to the Pit Crew:

Hammy and I talking about something as I'm reloading:

Few Field Shots:

I don't know what it is about the Wife and cameras,but everytime we get in the car she takes pictures while we are moving:

Figured we had 500 shots on the SD card,so what will it hurt for her to have a little fun.

Then off for her fun. 3 hrs of BINGO.

I was the BINGO pit crew. My Job was getting Soft drinks,pop corn and dabbers.

It was a terrific day and Wife had alot of fun while she was here. I'll see her in another 3 weeks when I get home.

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