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Originally Posted by Droop View Post
I understand that, it just seemed like, from your comment of "easier to shoot you" a hostile point of view, and typically the agg profile gets lumped into wipers, and cheaters.
Lesson to be learned... if I didn't type it don't assume I think that way.. unless you know me in person ... in which case you may realize I'm refraining from comment in order to be polite. In this case I didn't say it because I didn't mean it.

Originally Posted by Droop View Post
I'm not that way. Paintball is a game, i play a handicap so to speak by wearing these clothes, i feel more like myself though in that kind of outfit versus a full set of cammies, or a ghillie suit. on another note, i would be just as at home in hawaiian.
Dude... where what you want. Who am I to tell you what to wear.. I gave up trying to be a slave to fashion in middle school.

You can gladly join the hawaiian shirt nation whenever you want.

I will say that I laugh at all these kids at fields that spend the 10 minutes before a game adjusting multiple headbands or goggle straps, etc to look just right. Dudes... fill pods and make sure your gun is set! Anyways... it's a trend.. they come and go. The real drivers of the sport are the rec players... and I'm sure there are more off them that are not agg than are.

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