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Sexy Phantom for sale/trade, halfblocks come!

Got my phantom on the chopping block. looking for a halfblock, or any cocker based pump. i half block rare bodies, so i wouldn't recommend trading one to me

-stock feed block
-custom feed block
-RF body
-wgp gas through
-custom products direct mount on off
-11" barrel
-mini pump handle
-45 frame
-hogue grips
-full set of detent rings
-Red dot included, makes SC noob friendly
-shoots like a dream, and the red dot is suprisingly accurate.


i'd rather trade then sell, but money's always good
what i want:
86* frames
deluxe pump kits
$250 cash
can throw the revy in for the right trade, works perfect, used once since i've had it. i have a little cash to add but would rather not

thanks MCB
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