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So today I was at Mirmar Marine Base Paintball field. From what I have heard of it,made me not want to play there. However I had to check it out.

Mirmar is now a FIELD PAINT ONLY field

Well to be honest,I had alot of fun. Even though they have only two fields,it was what fit my playing style, room to room. I even was shooting on the run.

Now for all those not aware,Mirmar field will be expanding very soon. The two fields they right in family housing (which I thought was cool) are just temporary. They will be moving outside the wire but still on Military property. That way civilians can have better access.

Players beware, you are still on Military property,so don't get stupid,they still have their own laws. Not sure if you've ever been arrested on Federal Property, but it's worse than outside in the civilian life.
In others words,your a guest there,don't get stupid.

Well my day started out okay. Picked up an E-frame for my new A-5. Had my A$$ handed to me the first game I played. Not really used to the A-5,so break out the MG7 leak and all. My whole game changed from there.

I had the speed on the trigger that I needed and the advantage I needed. I was keeping up with the guys that had all the E-guns. I was capped at 20 bps. My body count began to improve.

I played several games on each field,even made a few cross field runs in blind spots so I wouldn't get shot right off the bat. I even held off a few guys with just air,I ran out of paintballs the last game.

I did get shot by our own MCB member Rossco. He was sporting a Viper pump. So I finally get shot by a legendary gun. It felt good.

The staff at MPB was very nice. I didn't know that MPB was FPO,due to Enviromental issues on base. They were nice enough to let me use. Next time it's by their paint.

The field was very clean,of course,it's on a Marine base. The ref was very nice and handeled paint checks as best he could while under fire and running across the field. So props to him for a job well done.

I ran into several MCB members Rossco and Jim (Can't remember his member name).

Rossco and I

Jim and I

Rossco and Wildman Nash

So this was my day,+ laundry, so my day was over by 1300. This was probably my last day of paintball in Calif. Unless I'm not working this coming weekend,then I will be at Mirmar one last time to call it all good .

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