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So packing up the gear to head home. My job here is finished. I can say that I had an Excellent time. Met a lot of GREAT people. Met some GREAT MCB players. The fields were all excellent. If I was living here,I would be playing every weekend.

Thanks to everyone for meeting me at the fields and for the gun loan. I hope to repay the favor one day.

My Wife wants to fly down one of these months to catch a Big Game at Jungle paintball. She feels we didn't get to enjoy the event like we should have and thinks it's a worth while trip to make later in the yr.

I really had to UP MY game while playing here. That's fine,it felt good to play like that once again. I felt like the old me. Now I'm ready for my trip home to play local.

N ot sure when I'll be back again,but I will drive my own truck next time. That way I can meet up at SC Village, Hollywood Sports Park, CPP and Tomb Stone. Those were the four fields I missed.

Mirmar will be a regular stop for me. although it's small,I had a great time doing building to building. The fields were just a perfect size for an old guy like me.

I'll bring my pumps next time. That way I'm set for all events.

So guys had a great time and looking forward to my next trip. Now I have to prep for 300-400 paint grenades and get them ready for my local events. It's going to be a long week.

Will be buying a new bigger lathe this month.


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