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That's right folks, my 2010 RTR raffle winning ticket #609 ( my new jersey number ha ha) is how I managed to snag such a wonderful stock gun.
Pictured with a SM1 Orbium barrel kit.

Even this guy's a big fan (no pun intended lol)...

For those of you not familiar with the creator of the Gargoyle Rodney Neill; one thing I should note is that this man cut his paintballin teeth while serving as a USMC in the mighty island in the Pacific west known as none other than Hawaii whilst planning, and plotting how some day he too would have a chance at giving the paintball community his own version of a true legend. What was what he began with...
Ask Rodney a question regarding a Kamikaze Shooter Desert Duck DD68, and the people who wielded them, and you'll receive more that just story.
He also happens to be among one of the chosen few that own some of the largest personal collections to this day.
What does the Desert Duck have to do with the Gargoyle? Well, allow me to quote someone's opinion who also noted as having a great knowledge of what was Rodney's true inspiration... Quote; Hot? wow... My feeling is that this gun would be many pump players "go to" gun. As a Manufacturer of my own products, including the REDUX marker, I feel a player is getting WAY more than their money's worth with the Gargoyle! True, it is not by any means inexpensive- but the design, machining, and care of assembly makes it worth every penny and more!!!!! You've done a great job Rodney- one more thing.. GillyMonster made a great comment about your gun-he said something like.. "this gun has Hawaii all over it" - a great compliment to Rodney and his paintball heritage! Mongo End quote
Funny to say the least, but some have compared it to the Phantom. To that all I have to say is...

I won't take anything, nor degrade such a venerable example as the Phantom, but is a Phantom able to swap out parts as easily as this?
The bread an butter video.See what I mean? But you did notice the similarities of the internals? Those are stock CCI. These are compatible with the Gargoyle. I'm currently using Lapco internals in mine so that I can take advantage of Colin's Grey Ghost fluted hammer to help increase efficiency a bit.
Eventually Michael at ASP will market his own version machined from CCI stock, and the Lapco internals can go back into my old Nelly.
There are other similarities between the Phantom, and the Gargoyle besides the internals.
For one it's this! Buy one of these from from RTR, and slap it right on to your Phantom if you're ready to rock a buttery smooth slide trigger ahhh
In fact, many are using accessories sold at RTR to use on their Phantoms. It's what I first did when I wanted to give my Duck Slide the finishing touch...

But let's not mistake the Gargoyle as a Phantom please. For instance, the Gargoyle is cocker threaded.
Not sure what the advantage there???
Like a sniper, the Gargoyle sets the ball in the ready position to be shot from the barrel; unlike the Phantom where the ball rest's in the breech awaiting a launch.
This means a direct path straight down a smooth bore, with out splits in the way.
This makes for a true closed bolt firing position, and closed bolts are the shiznits.

Here are a few images to leave you with...

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