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Phantom bushings are 7/8" ID, AC are 1" ID. Why have a list?

As for the barrel not threading in all of the way, figure out what's actually blocking it.
The list is to see what barrels actually fit good . So far , from reading all the posts above , this list could save new customers some headaches down the road since it was pointed out that many barrels are contoured which doesn't go to well with the bushings. Not every customer is going to know how to or want to gage their markers , size threads or any other type of custom fit work .

My Longbow thread OD's are slightly oversized . Maybe a tighter class fit , maybe loose tolerances , maybe poor qc . I'm not going to sweat it . The backs I have were tight threading into a mag body also , but they fit the mag, which is what I bought that kit for anyway.
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