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sage fly rod

i have a sage 699 gfl fly rod its 9'9" i think its 3 7/8 oz im not shure ill have to check and it uses #6 line i have never actually used it to fish neaither has my dad who bought it new. we couldnt ever cast it right when we were trying to learn it is in perfect brand new condition. i dont have the sage tube it came in tho. i can get pictures of it im just to lazy at the moment and i dont know if their will even be any interest in it. the sage 699 is not the same as the 699 gfl their are slight diffrences and mine is lighter. the 699 is 700 dollars new tho and im going off that as a guestimate i figure mine is used but i would like around 350 for it. and i think that is a fair price on it. also as always OBO is their and i would be willing to trade and figure stuff out
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