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CCM just unleashed a bunch of great new stuff, and they are very busy. I confirmed my order on a 6.5 w/ custom anno and am very anxious to get it. I havent been able to play much recently, and usually when that happens i get the itch to buy something new, and when i saw the 6.5 pics here in the forum i knew it would be an excellent piece to add to my collection. I wanted one of the new S6's w/ the 1pc asa and body, it just looks so nice. Also, i regretted selling a CCM equipped halfblock i built a few years ago and when the 6.5 was released, i thought it was perfect for me. I am debating on selling my current t2 and possibly ordering a custom anno one, but who knows.

4-5 weeks is cranking right along if you ask me. People are really taking notice of the hard work the whole staff puts in at CCM. I know we here at MCB appreciate it, evrey time i go to an event w/ a lot of MCB'ers, i see a bunch of CCM guns, its great. I cant wait to write up a review of my new addition to the family. My other CCM's will have a new baby brother, or sister, i want it to be a surprise.

I say, to make the title less dramatic sounding we change it to:

"All i wanna know is.....Who's comin w/ me?"

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