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Originally Posted by brokenzipper View Post
Suxxard, your avatar pic is hill-air-e-ous!
LOL thanks dude.

Originally Posted by oorah23 View Post
Not as sweet as polished purple and black accents....hehhe or so I assume I havent seen mine yet
Ehh, ALL my guns have been polished colours.
Wanna try something new, and dust purple is gonna have sexy texture.

Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
Yeah! You get yourself some SuXXard! You will not be disapointed, I love letting people use my CCM guns, so far noone has been disapointed. Looks like you and me both should be getting our new markers about the same time. Dust Purple is gonna look pretty sweet.
Yeah dude, when I went to OXP with LoopyDood, Mar was tehre with CJOttawa and PMI-3.

Got to use Mar's S6 with AT, and it precision.
As Mar said, "Ey, it's like a scalpel yeah?"

Does the S6 come standard with the AT, or is that extra?
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