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Incynr8 is right; the Silver Streaks are not compatible with KP trigger groups.


With some tweaking some of the newer trigger groups can be made compatible with KP/PGP bodies. I modified a Sheridan 397 trigger group to work on a PGP and then made a stock for it. So for instance if you got ahold of a 397, you could probably use the KP barrel (just have to drill holes on the sides to hold the trigger in) with the 397's trigger and hammer.

The PGP that I did only required drilling two holes at the back of the valve tube to secure the trigger and remaking the sear. The 397's sear works a bit like a KP (two stage) I just made a new one that had the proper latching length. The only trouble that I ran into was with the front mount. It doesn't line up with my PGP's front frame screw hole. There are some options here, and the 397's group might work with a KPs mount....

Good luck...

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