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As a parent, I have my children treat the markers the same way as fire arms, safety, safety!
Next is sportsmanship, if I get hit I call out good shooting, especially the young, many are fearful the first time, being 47, I make it a point to promote the game to the young, I also have loaner markers and let people interested in the different markers try out the several different markers I have, alot of parents ask me questions about the game and equimpment and what marker would be good for their child.
I tell most parents before buy marker, use the rental markers a couple of times before dishing out a 200 for a marker package, most important thing to buy them is a good mask, make sure it fits and they have good vision and hearing while it is on.
When it comes to markers, I suggest a Tippman, they are the AK47 of paintball, they can take a beating, all kinds of upgrades and they can make it custom to their hearts' desire, and resale is no issue when they quit the sport, they can recoupe some of the money back.
I also suggest for the parent to play or older brother or sister, paintballing is like fishing, every telling of the story it gets bigger, and it is someting they can share together.
My son that plays the most started with a Tippmen 98, then an Impulse with Vision and now has a Bob Long Spieces Timmy, he is 13. I do draw the line at my cockers It makes me feel good when he helps other young players.
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