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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
Lightning struck the building I was working in back when I was a summer camp counselor. That might not have been too bad, but it was a gem-cutting shop (read water everywhere and electric polishers and grinders). I was turning off one of the machines when it hit, and it spun me around like a top. When I came to rest, I couldn't move my right arm.

My legs still worked, so I walked next door to the nurses office, and when she started to examine me, I shocked the crap out of her. I was sore for days, but mostly ok.
similar scenario happened to me. i also grew 2 and a half inches that summer, doctors chocked it up to the lightning strike.

hope the guy has a speedy recovery. and i also would be interested to find out how the gun fared. be interesting to see if it was scorched, the electronics (if applicable) were fried or what have you.

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