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Fat PS3 for sale

Thinking about getting rid of my PS3, haven't really touched it in a while and could use a new computer instead. This is an 80GB fat PS3, newest of the old generation, bought exactly 31 days before the new slim came out, I know this because the return policy on it was 30 days and i would have just traded up for the slim. It's worked great since I got it, never had any problems. Comes with the system, all cables (i'll even throw in a HDMI cable if you want it), two controllers (1 black, 1 red), energizer charging stand, and a couple games listed below.

Looking for $250, OBO for the whole package, don't really want to separate it up.

Wolfenstein (new one) still in wrapper
The Saboteur
Fairytale Fights
MLB 09: The Show

Pictures hopefully up soon, broke the camara, but can take some cell phone pics
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