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S6.5 First Impressions

I received my S6.5 just in time to play last weekend.

My particular setup was custom anno'd to match one of the nicest S6's I've seen in person. The color scheme is gloss red and gloss silver.
Here's the S6 I modeled it after...

and here's the one picture I've been whoring out all over this forum...I need to take a few more. Click the image for a larger version.

Order Process

The order process was seamless. I called up Mel and she sent me the order form. Once that was filled out, she got back to me to clarify a couple of points and gave me a rough time estimate. She also gave me updates as it was getting closer to being done. Also, I ordered my gun with a clear pump handle but it was going to delay the order so they shipped it out with a black handle and placed the black handle on back order. The customer service has been top notch from the beginning...but that's no surprise.

and the gun...

Well, just like every other CCM I've shot, it's freaking amazing. The feel is very much like an S6 (which makes sense) with the weight of a T2. It was a little inconsistent over the chrono at the very beginning of the day but that could have been the reg settling in, or the paint to barrel match. I was shooting DXS bronze through a .684 (or maybe .681).

Once I actually got on the field, I didn't notice the inconsistency in the shots that I saw over the chrono. It shot so well over the course of the day that I didn't even think to chrono it at the end of the day again.

I would like to get another day of play in before I give a comprehensive review but if you like the feel of the S6/J2L line of pumps and are looking for a half block...the S6.5 is the way to go.

I did notice two things about my S6.5 that are worth noting.

1) The IVG is anno'd black. The prototypes I saw at Living Legends III were gold which did not quite mesh as well with the marker (in my opinion) and I think it led to a few questions about the T2 vanity cap working on the S6.5. With the black IVG, I don't think there's any need for a vanity cap. It just looks good as is.

2) I went with the old school standard pump handle on my S6.5 as opposed to the newer T-Grip and EZ Grip because I wanted a clear pump handle to complete my vision. The pump plate that shipped with my gun is like the ones that ships with the after market pump kits as opposed to the milled out S6/J2L pump plates. But! The pump rod, is the milled out version that is on the S6's...which is nice!

Quick Comparison To The T2

There's less chance of binding when twisting the S6.5 pump handle, although, I don't have an issue with the T2 pump binding on me (some people do).

The T2 feels a little more mechanical and the S6.5 (and S6/J2L's) feel more magical.

The S6.5 just looks really really good.

My S6.5 is actually a little lighter than my T2. (we are talking less than an ounce)

S6.5 Setup
-Fat 45
-Standard pump handle
-reverse drop
-clear panels

My T2 Setup
-Thin 45
-Hybrid Grips
-Micro Rail
-Standard T2 pump handle (with TonSixer hitman plate)

The weight difference could be the hitman plate and hybrid grips. But there's definitely more material in the S6.5 frame so it's very close. I'll get a better comparison when I have time.

In conclusion
It's awesome. Once I get some more play time and uncover more subtle things that I like/dislike about it...I'll post them up in another review.

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