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One of a kind seller.

I bought a dye autococker from shawdawg and although this is said many time a day all over the internet and on this forum this is one i mean from the heart. Shadawg is an A+++++ seller, i personally think everyone on Mcarterbrown should have to buy something from him just to understand what it means to sell.

To start with he was patient and took the time for me to get my finances in order then the communication was almost nonstop a little before and once money was sent; I heard from him when my money arrived, when it cleared, when he shipped, when there was a slight quirk with tracking he took the initiative to call the post office and verify with them that everything was still good, i even heard from him just to make sure everything is in good working order.
This may seem of little consequence to some but when shadawg shipped he told me Thursday i truthfully thought okay Friday, Saturday, or even Monday. However the gun arrived just as photoed and on Thursday with a whole news paper to protect it, and with everything placed in such a way that even the post office could not hurt it.
Shadawg is truly a great seller and i would not hesitate to buy from him in the future.
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