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Originally Posted by tesguy View Post
lets take 28 days later and make it into a tv show.

oh wait thats "The Walking Dead"
I take it you've never read a single one of the comics in order to make such a broad assumption?

Critical, you think it's bad now? Wait until you get issue 27. That is the start of some REALLY dark parts of the series.

The 1 thing I can think of that really irritated me about the series is that they target practice now and then, even though constantly talking about how low on ammo they always are, but yet they have enough to waste on target practice. And on top of that they target practice with CANS! Mother****er you are surrounded by Zombies with gnawing heads you can practice on and you're pissing away these bullets on inanimate tin cans? Holy hell they are all obviously lucky to have survived because they aren't exactly bright.

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