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ss-25 pump arm length

Looking at an ss-25 right now and it comes w/ an AT-cam but the rod is not tapped. Checked out CCM's store and I see a few differnt lengths. Which is the one that will fit the SS-25?

CCM Drilled Standard Pump Arm 10.29" - 4D0048-SD - eBay (item 280530382365 end time Aug-04-10 09:07:29 PDT)

CCM Drilled S6 Pump Arm 9.615" - 4D0048-S6-D - eBay (item 150464896421 end time Aug-06-10 12:13:37 PDT)

CCM Drilled Old Standard Pump Arm 10.67" - 4D0048-OS-D - eBay (item 150457431759 end time Aug-17-10 12:52:42 PDT)

These are about $30 as you can see so I am also looking for cheaper alternatives if anyone has any suggestions. I just want to avoid sending the whole marker out just to get the pump arm drilled b/c then I cant play w/ it!

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