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The Official Castle Photo Thread

Great weekend, great game - great seeing the old and new faces.

And away we go......

Oldschool by Ghostpilot.jpg
Oldschool by Ghostpilot
The Photographer
the deck of death.jpg
The Deck of Death
a rarely seen side of carter.jpg
A Rarely seen side of Carter
It only got worse.jpg
This was Friday - the mud only got worse
peg board is the way to go.jpg
Peg Board - yea!
our new spokesmodel.jpg
Our new spokesmodel
no good deed goes unpunished.jpg
No good deed goes unpunished
spokesmodel 2.jpg

Oldschool and batteries equals.jpg
Oldschool plus batteries equals - i'm soooooooorry

the commando.jpg
spokesmodel 3.jpg
spokesmodel 3.jpg
some adoring fans.jpg
Ah - the adoring fans
ten ounce with bad valve.jpg
A 10 ounce tank with a bad valve gets really cold
brim's 4 plus one pack.jpg
Brimstone's Opps I mean Peaches new 4 plus one pack
some of the players.jpg
ten shot holder.jpg
Peaches 10 shot suspenders
bright shirt.jpg
Just keep smiling
our leader.jpg
Our Leader
our leader a brave man.jpg
A Brave man (he's taking that poster home)
the duckies.jpg
The End.

Now I have to go look for a new marker that has batteries......
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