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FS: Two Unibody Phantoms

Prices do not include shipping , I try to charge as close to actual cost as possible with no handling charges. I ship by USPS priority mail with insurance and tracking. I can be paid by usps money order, check (if I know you) and by paypal. I am a firm believer in haggling, if you would like to make me a sensible offer please send me PM.

NO PARTS sales.

NO TRADES. I am selling these for a team mate who inherited them.

First one comes with a 45 grip frame and a luxury trigger shoe. In excellent condition, does not leak and fires holes in my basement cooler. $100 *NOT UNIBODY* my tiny geek arms couldnt turn the barrel. SOLD*

Second is another unibody phantom again in excellent condition, this one comes with the stick feed, vertical ASA set up and includes the 12gram changer. This one did not shoot holes in the basement cooler but did shot well. $130

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