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gentlemen, shippment will be a little late. I posted the reasoning on the Underground Forum, please accept my apologies and full refund if desired:

This is being written in a very difficult time in my life.

I've got several things going on in my family and personal life and I won't share all of them with you at this time, but I would however ask my customers and my membership for understanding and some patience as well as prayers if you have the time.

My grandfather is very ill, and been in the hospital/rehab/CICU and back and forth between them all for the last few months.
I went to visit (approx 45 miles one way) Tuesday and he looks the worse that I've ever seen him. He and I were very close. I lived with them prior to moving out on my own and joining the Navy.
He used to be a very active, vigorous, handy/outdoors type of man and has had to spend the last few years idly which has been torture for him.
To see him with tubes/wires etc is not easy on me. Nor is attempting to comfort my grandmother who is in denial and who I love dearly.

I ask for you to take a few seconds out of your day and if you are a praying man/woman, say a short one for my family that they may easily accept the inevitable. It may be 6 months from now, or it may be today...

I sincerely ask that my customers please accept my apologies for any lateness of orders. I've been backed up for the last few weeks and sent out approx 18-20 packages yesterday. It takes almost all day for me to visit when I go, and I am trying to visit my grandmother/father at least once each week.
I will do my best to keep my quality up and get the orders out within a reasonable time. Quality takes precedence over timeliness, and family takes precedence over UMS.
If there are any outstanding orders that I haven't fulfilled at this point, and the customer is unable to wait a little bit, I'll completely understand and offer them a full refund with no hard feelings etc. If you have placed a custom order within the last few days, my time line that I've given you has the above already figured in and if I said two weeks, you should have it pretty close to that.

Thank you in advance for your kind thoughts and words as well as prayers.
Most of the folks on this forum are like an extended family and feel much closer to me than you would think an internet forum could bring folks, and I appreciate the support that this feeling gives me.

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